Luino- Ponte Tresa

Italy has been always surprising, you don’t have to go too far from home to discover novel and enchanting views.

At about 80 km away from Milan, there is the Varese province where you can easily find a few magnificent mountain locations that lay along Maggiore lake. A perfect combination for the holiday no matter what the season is.

I arrived here at the beginning of 2013. It was January and there were a few layers of snow outside. This area was just perfect for a mini trip and a mouth of fresh healthy air.

Luino is a town in Varese province, Lombardia, situated on Maggiore bank. It’s one of the most important towns within this region, it lures the tourists with superb landscapes. Even though it’s only a small town, it’s a, elegant and clean one. Here there is also the border check point to Switzerland.

Once you arrive in Luino, you can very well have a stroll alongside Maggiore lake, where there are exotic trees and the houses with harmonious architecture that leads you to the old harbour. While doing so you can also admire the church della Madona del Carmine built in XV century, Verbania palace, The Civic Museum of archaeology and palaeontology.

Ponte Tresa is another town in Varese province, situated on the bank of Ceresio lake, also known as Lugano lake. Ponte Tresa is a small town in the mountains that borders upon Ponte Tresa in Switzerland. They are separated by a lake called Tresa. The two small towns are joined together by a harbour which is also the custom point between the two countries, Italy and Switzerland.


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