I went to Switzerland several times. For the first time, I went in Lugano in 2013 and then we crossed Monte Bianco and went to Mountreux and Lausanne in the spring of 2014. Because business trips were the main aim, I wasn’t able to photograph everything I wanted. The images bellow are made with my phone, a Samsung II and my iPad.
But I can say that Switzerland has left me some strong impressions. If I was to describe SWITZERLAND in two words, I would only say: order and silence. Yes, I believe Switzerland it’s the only state in which the rules are followed and the economic crisis has not reached.
This country conquered me with its mountains depicted from Heidi’s cartoons, green plains and historical cities.
I liked the most Montreux, a town situated above Lake Geneva. I say above, because the city is built like steps that descend into the great Lake Geneva. From the building blocks of Montreux the scenery is amazing: on one side there is the Lake and on the other, the mountain.
The atmosphere in this city is elegant, I might even say luxurious. Lausanne is also a stylish city, placed at the foot of the Alps and the lakeside of Geneva.

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