Switzerland – Lugano

March 2013. There was a superb day in Vigevano when a friend of mine asked me to join her in a one day trip to Lugano. Once we arrived there, our disappointment was enormous. When we arrived in Lugano, the weather was ugly. Outside, it was cloudy and it even drew a breath of rain. But even so, in the end, there was a wonderful day. Shortly, Lugano is a small town in south-eastern Switzerland, right on the border with Italy. The city is located on the lake that bears the same name, also called Lake Ceresio, due to the multitude of cherry trees on its banks and has a predominantly Lombard character. Most residents speak Italian.

Amongst the notable buildings there is the Roman cathedral of St. Lawrence (San Lorenzo) from the second half of the eleventh century and the church of St. Mary of the Angels (Santa Maria degli Angioli) with the famous fresco of Christ’s Passion of Bernardino Luini. The Lombard style of the buildings, the museums, the sunny climate, the mountains and the nearby lake, Lugano shows that it combines, well enough, the advantages of a cosmopolitan city with the characteristics of a small town of the province.


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