Sanremo. Mysterious city.

Sanremo. I visited it for a few times. First time it was in December 2012 when I went to Monte Carlo. After one day in Monte Carlo, on our way back home to Milan, we stopped a bit in Sanremo as well. It was already dark outside so we could indulge the beauty of the city in the lamp light. We had a short walk through the center and after that we had lunch in a small restaurant just across the Casino.

Back then I only knew that Sanremo is the host city of the most important musical event in Italy, ”The Italian Music Festival” that is held yearly there during February.

One year later, in December 2013, The Orthodox church of Vigevano organized a one day trip to Sanremo.  So I didn’t wait for too long and I decided to take that trip to bring my daughter to see the sea she knew from the Pimpa and Pepa Pig cartoons.

For a winter day, the streets of Sanremo were a little crowded; the buyers were roaming through the shops. I don’t really know if there’s always like that or it was because it was December, that hectic period of time before the winter holidays.

I could also say that Sanremo was not so impressive as I knew or probably imagined. It was a too urbanised city that had lost some of the glory and beauty that once had. Probably it seems to be mysterious only the festival fame. Even the Ariston Hall, the place where the festival takes place, it looks like a commonplace cinema from outside.

What I really enjoyed in Sanremo though, was the purity of its streets where you could not notice the flowers that lay on its sidewalks. Another thing that I very much recall was the beach that was simply huge and beautiful.

Sanremo is somehow suspended above the sea just like a popular garden with flower glass greenhouses spread on the hills. Situated at only 48 km away from France, Sanremo is a historic city that houses the most beautiful Casino in the world.

Sanremo is on the fourth place in terms of population despite the fact that it’s bigger that the capital of the province, Imperia.

Sanremo was built up by the Romans and it became an administrative center of Rome during the second century. In 1796, Liguria was captured by Napoleon and later on was included by Savoy kingdom. After the Italian unification, Sanremo became one of the most exclusivist resort for the rich and famous.




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