Venice seen from above


 I read somewhere that Venice seen from the plane looks like a phoenix. Well, I haven’t even started to see from such a great height that confirms this comparison, but I could tell you that 97 meter high from the Bell Tower of San Marco, the view is breathtaking. When you look up to this tower, hardly you can see the top of the Bell, so that it’s difficult to have the courage to climb up there. However, once you have decided and done this step, there’s no place of repentance (just do not suffer badly from a height).

Venice from above is a delirious spectacle that attracts you like a drug and as if you want to stay up there forever, so that you will not get bored to admire real paintings putted in motion.

Short history: Bell Tower of San Marco (or more is also called the Tower of San Marco) I could tell that it was built first in the IX th century and has 97 meters tall. Basically it is the tallest structure in Venice and offers visitor’s breathtaking views that take you the breath on the dome of the Basilica of San Marco, neighboring islands and the lagoon, red roofs or domes of churches in Venice. When the sky is clear, you can even see the snowy peaks of the Dolomites but strangely enough, any channel cannot be seen from here.

Tower collapsed unexpectedly in 1902 and was reconstructed exactly as before, and even managed to save one of the five bells, which still operates today.

At the top of the tower can be reached by Elevator, the cost of the ticket for adults being of 8 euro per person.

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