Colours in Venice

In a city like Venice, there’s not only the fascinating architecture, history and legends. Venice is a city that inspires lust for life and a lot of mystery. This is because Venice consists in a wide range of colors that energize the spirit of each tourist. This is the magic of this city.

In Venice, I liked very much to ride the ‘’vaporetto’’ and admire the colors, to feel their vibrations and let them work inside me. To awake new emotions in me, new memories and to make curious associations between past, present and future. I can say that Venice always exudes lights and colors difficult to replicate. Just imagine how on a background of azure blue, the colors of the sky and sea, the buildings of Venice are shifting from yellow to orange, moving to red, and then you get to see the green color. An amazing picture made of stains of color that will enlight your spirit. Venetian shops and terraces are also an amalgam of colors that will seduce you. Things are not always like this in Venice. For example, at the time of sunrise or sunset, everything transforms and becomes scarlet. Same as in other moments of the day, in which the light plays with the shadows, we can witness a unique chromatic spectacle.

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