MURANO -The Land of ART in GLASS

I could say that  Murano is an island that you fall in love immediately and irrevocably. Although it’s somewhat similar to the historic center of Venice, Murano has a little something extra – very quiet. Murano is an archipelago of small islands joined together by bridges. The island is famous for its history linked to the art glassware.

Brief historyMurano began to be inhabited by the 6th. Originally, this was more of a fishing port, which gradually grew, and by the 10th century began to have its own currency and its own aristocracy. In the year 1291, all workshops glassware Venetian Republic were moved to Murano. Glass manufacturers have gradually prospered, and in the 14th century they became extremely well known. Thus, manufacturing technologies and decoration of glass brought them reputation as locals who enjoy today. Currently many factories are closed and abandoned, but is also found, however, a few workshops and glassware shops where they are exhibited for sale glass objects. I attended also at a show through which glass objects. The show lasts 10 minutes and is free of charge;  in return the items sold are expensive.

Murano glass is a jewel which is kept formidable

Murano impressed me very much with colorful and neat buildings, narrow streets that get lost in a maze. Images captured on the island of Murano are spectacular.

Nothing can be more beautiful than a ride in such harmony, in which the soul can breathe in peace and quiet, and the eyes may enrich the unspeakable beauty.

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