Villa Mulini- Napoleon’s garden

At the back of the Villa Mulino is a huge garden with sea views. Garden full of greenery contrasts with the blue sea and the sky seem to be a real Haven, where Napoleon was walking in 1814.

I read somewhere that the great Emperor greatly loved gardening, and this garden came alive due to his involvement. Before coming Napoleon at Portoferraio, behind the Villa Mulini were several Italian gardens, which Napoleon later they joined together and thus created one huge garden. He was dedicated personally to plant various trees and flowers.

Currently, the garden which was so precious to Napoleon, it suffers greatly. At the time of my visit I noticed that there are more empty spaces, devoid of any value: with few plants and weeds. So I do not know if I’ve got all the time or wrong time of the year.

Despite this, the garden of the Villa Mulini featured Parisian still manage to charge you with its historical weight. It is an area with an extraordinary view of the sea, a romantic getaway for lovers or for those who want a moment of solitude in the sea breeze.

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