Lady in red, a romantic, sensual look


Red is a color that is very fashionable lately although this color can help any woman look good at any time.  Red is one of my favorite colors as it stimulates me, gives me more confidence and strength. It is a sexy, sensual and romantic color that men also tend to like. The color is also very good for business or when you need to have a speech in public because it can captivate, attract and simply get you out right from any anonymity offering a sort of personality to your style. So, my dear women, I encourage you to dare to wear red without any restraint. I remember a funny thing now about this color. When I was in the 4th or 5th grade, I took a picture wearing a red sweater. Because I had very good results in school, my picture was put on the wall of fame for students with very good results.

Well, it seemed that my picture wearing red, attracted many eyes so in just a few days, it simply disappeared from that place. I always thought that somebody fell in love with me red sweater back then. Maybe even nowadays that person takes a look at my pictures and thinks of me… We must also say that red can attract envy.

Here is a new photographic editorial with a romantic sensual look in which I wear an intense red attire, a playful gown with a deep back cleavage, so fit for this period of love and falling in love.


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